Tuesday, April 13, 2010


it was raining cats and dogs.

4:20, the rain had stopped. it is a sign for me to continue my reading for next paper (Undang-undang keluarga islam).

life's getting tougher as you grow older. obstacles ensued asking you to get through it. right now, a lot of things started to come across troubling my mind. Headache!. what remedy is the best to cast you away as panadol wouldn't be that such a good healer to ease the tension.

take a deep breath....breath in..breath out. next turn on the radio on the internet. songs were........., turn on 'youtube', plays 'it must have been love', 'when i see you smile', 'alone', 'don't stop believing'....'bohemian rhapsody'. all the soft rocks and definitely change the mood as i sing to it.

life is tough. who said it is easy as A...B..C!. but be sure that you get through to it. if you don't, life is meaningless.

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