Tuesday, April 6, 2010

awak pernah rasa tak awak ambil semua benda dan awak rasa awak tak bagus kat mana2part pon!

i'm faiz zahadi,
i'm budak comot.

i love to be everything.
i love to venture in everything.
i love to involve in anything.
i love to be apart of something big.

i was given the tasks i barely know how to do it,
it's ok,
i did give it a try,
at least,
i get there.

i want to be everything that i wanted to be,
i know a lot,

i finally realize that,
that is not me,
i can't be everything,
i can't cope to do it all,
i can't commit with two things at one times,
i can be a student,
but can i be others on the same time.

i'm faiz zahadi,
i'm budak comot.

always believe in myself.
as who would believe in you!

p/s: 'wherever you're going...i'm going your way!

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