Friday, August 19, 2011

19th Ramadhan: I Just Can't Believe It!

kan, betul tak, sekarang dah 19 hari berpuasa.

Syok tengok kawan-kawan sebok buat macam-macam especially 'biskut raya'. Dia orang memang awesome!!!

Btw, tinggal lagi seminggu jer ber 'attachment'. Lepas ni Raya, and masuk sem balik, which is 'errrmmmmmmmmm.......'

Puasa ni bukan bertambah kurus, bertambah gemuk lagi ada. Maka, terpaksa la berdiet masuk sem. (GITU!)

Di celah-celah makmum bersolat jumaat, aku sorang je yang pakai baju melayu soft pink dengan sampin warna ungu gelap, dengan bersongkok, yang aku rasa pakcik belakang aku cakap 'budak ni salah tengok kalendar ke??'

Tapi yang best, banyak pakcik-pakcik bersalaman dengan aku, tak seperti hari-hari jumaat sebelumnya sebab tgok attire aku hari ni. (Aku bajet aku paling bergaya la konon... 'koya' bak kata 'Oghe Kelate')

Ok la. Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa yang tinggal beberapa hari ni je lagi ni.

p/s: sedap la Sarang Semut yang Fatin Faseeha Azmi buat!!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

the 8th day Ramadhan : Monday Blues

today is the 8th day of ramadhan (August 8, 2011) as i am having monday blues.

it's been such quite some time i haven't posted any new post (asyik tulis ayat macam ni je!) but then i was called but, by no one! to update by posting this.

i don't know what to write but then i'm so thrill about the so-called 'attachment' that i've been through now and about to end soon.

i was accepted to have my practical-training as it is called 'Latihan Industri' in a, quite a well-established lawyer's firm in KL, in AU 3 to be precised. at first, i'll be held under 'Conveyancing', which is i am a bit reluctant to. but then it turned out, i was placed under 'Litigation' and being treated like lawyer wannabe, trained to be in a tough field by a tough-bossy boss and with the guidance from my awesome-ever patience-soft spoken-smart: supervisor!

at first, i was questioned about the ability to converse and to write in English. i say 'i don have problem with that', so the boss rolled her eyes, besides i mentioned that i haven't be taught about the procedures, as it will be in the 4th year, again she said 'okay!' and pass me a bundle of documents as i was asked to examine SPA and to study the whole file on breach of contract. at that point of time, i say 'hurrmmm... she don't believe me that i can do any office chores!'.

as time goes by..., i prove myself that Faculty of Law, UKM does not produce mediocre-legal verse-incompetent with low level of english fluency as she's quite impressed with any works assigned as with the continuous support, taught, and awesome guidance from my very learned supervisor. so, i get to extend the period from 6 weeks to almost 3 months (until raya) as i receive salary for each months and i have the opportunity to be exposed a lot about legal world and what it takes to open and to manage 'your own firm'.

i wish to thank my supervisor, this one person-chambie in the firm, and all the staff who had helped me a lot and my boss who give me the opportunity to have my internship in your firm (and off course the salary!). i do learn a lot and acquire great experience as i shall never had in any other place.

thank you!.

Happy Ramadhan People!

p/s: sory..kalau ada salah grammar n sentence structure..abaikan la.. quite weak when it comes to english...