Wednesday, March 31, 2010

so much for my happy ending!

i'm faiz zahadi
i'm budak comot
this is the first day i live the day in which i am nothing
i became normal
i became an ordinary university student

i would like to wish those who had been selected...'congratulation!'
to those who didn't...'it is not that you are not good enough to be there but maybe you are too good to be there as you deserve a place of somewhat better...well done and i do believe in you guys...enjoy your the life to the fullest!

so what to do next...???
my plan is to embark in a journey...
journey where i recover or replace the time...i couldn't do that
i couldn't finish that
i couldn't buy that
i couldn't have that
it's simple...
doing things that you are longing to do
with some friends
who had supported youwho believe in you
and appreciate you as you are...
forget about the overnight dreams
that we created
...we won't ever make it there

maybe it is not our timebut i do believe in the thing called 'hope'
and 'chance'

hope that the chance come
we will grab itas hard as i can
and no one will break that!
and those who i meanti will not apologize things you've done to us
as things done cannot be undo

as revenge is very sweet!
till that be ready. it won't be soon before long!

p/s: it was the most enjoyable term of office that I've been into...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

this is what you get from me!

i'm faiz zahadi
budak comot

i'm just a normal person...ordinary people...simple guy
who lives in abnormal environment...extraordinary sorrounding...and complicated world..

i believe that we should always lend a helping hands...

but that hands would not guarantee that they are helpful...

how many hands would you like so

it can be helpful then???
as too many cooks will spoil the broth!

if i made a mistake...

i would stand firmly admit that i'm wrong...
but how about you
who done the same thing to me too...
if you ever happen to realize that
do i even care to beg you for my forgiveness???
as what you've done to me...

time is so precious...

as time and tide, wait for no man

i am always late for something...
so i am a 'time-waster'

but if you were so that early...

but then you just stood there...

doing nothing but talking instead..
as if you aren't seeing each other after that...

what should i call you???

you claim you got a lot of things to do...

but i saw you around wandering in the shopping mall...
holding hands with someone else...

laugh like it's the best day ever, you happen to spend with...
what happen to the works that should be done in the first place???

you order me to do this...and that

ok, that shouldn't be a problem

i don't mind at all...

what about you
if i ask you...
even a small favour...

small become huge..
huge to be deal with...

if i knew it in the first place

i shouldn't be so obedient

it's better to help other people
who are very much in need....

honesty is the best policy

i have to admit that sometimes i have to lie...
i don't know you
you are a lier too...
as everything that you said...

is always true...

you said everything is going to be ok

but what have you done to ensure it is going to be fine

as you leave us to do that all by ourselves
as you are so 'busy'
with something
which i don't even believe in every single thing you said to us...

i'm faiz zahadi

i'm budak comot

i don't give a damn of it!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ungkapan-ungkapan hari ini yang sangat signifikan!

1. Farine: "sekarang ni aku tak ada alasan untuk tak nak belajar"

kata beliau selepas beborak memikirkan hari ini ada Test IP dan kita org baru lepas habis prgram masing-masing..

2. Fatin: "hari ini hari yang tak mendatangkan apa-apa hasil bagi fatin pun"

bercakap selepas mencari pelbagai alternatif harga untuk 'print' berwarna di Awal Hijrah, Pusan dan dsb...

p/s: tak sabar nak balik umah!