Wednesday, February 11, 2009

tensi gler...2

sekali lagi syndrome ni akan berlaku lepas kelas consti.


perkara yang sukar diputuskan diperbincangkan. and makes thing more complicated is when if come out with plan A, how about Plan B? we should come out with Plan C!, when asked what is a toast-is it a kind of bread been toasted?, definition- is it just a benchmark, framework, or describing things which are not seem to be as it is? if he is a designer-what kind of designer she is?, fashion designer, costume designer, or else.....

actually what's the crap that i am talking about is...things that i've mentioned constituional law,it is so hard to determine what is it gonna be like as it is similar to the various circumstances happen above, in our daily lives.

in "public service" that we've disscussed in tutorial class today, the dispute is the same, siapa itu public servants? kalau da define public servants in Art. 132(1) but why such provision of public authority exist in Art 160?. what kind of public servants he is, in which provisions is he included? if he is a public servants, till then only he is entiled to the right of natural justice but then how about other workers who are not even a public servants, do they are not given any rights? then comes Art8, however, it provides certain kind of restriction for any other fields. if we use this case as the only authority as there is no any other authority, but bear in mind it is not applicable as amendment of the constitution did so..

a lot of grey area occured, "kita yang merana.."

p/s: kontrak tak siap lagi tapi sebok citer mende2 nih...FINE!

p/s: kalu korang tak faham post nih...takpe. act as if you know about all of this.

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