Tuesday, February 17, 2009


How to be a high class fashionista!

Through my observation from many people who are fashionists, I found out 5 rules to be a high class fashionista;

1 1-Comfortable- buy and wear something you are comfortable with. Is it worth buying something which is so…not you?

2. 2-Establishment- establishes something in your style that is distinctive- and the formula is to think why people like Gwen Stefani, Victoria & David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Audrey Hepburn have in common? They manage to establish and form their own style as it is so identical that people know from every angles and the way he/she looks like…he/she is Gwen!, Audrey, Justin n so forth..Audrey Hepburn trendsets Little Black Dress since 60’s until now it is being put on by many fashionista and any best example is Cary Grant with his various luxury suits in every movies he played as the same goes with Contemporary Stylish Suit wore by Justin Timberlake, and Gwen Stefani with High-Class-Chic-Couture style in every dress, mini dress, pants and even in day out with her family-she still looks stylish as mommy and fashion icon with equal aplomb!. Set your style now!

3. 3-Non-followers- don’t follow the trend but it is sufficient to know what’s new and what’s outdated. Remember what Yves Saint Laurent left us with his saying “Fashions Come and Go, but Style is Forever”.

4. 4- Confident- confident with what you are wearing and not afraid experimenting new styles until you found the exact style, but don’t be too over-confident!


p/s:…JaJa dengan kasut kaler lain baju lain dan Belt to die in it, Supardi dengan gaya retro dengan kasut pointy-shoes n curly hair, Charlie who always tuck in his shirt!, Ara dengan 2-inci headband…, Katherine yang selalu look different dengan fashion rambut yang berlainan complementing the look for the day, Wawa yang suka pakai black n white-formal-but-casual look with her nice figure,….thank you for being a part of High-Class Fashionista!


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  2. byk fak ska tgk bdk2 FUU yg kebykan pandai bgaya..

  3. i like ur style too..esp with that oversize seed bag tu!!!!