Monday, October 11, 2010

you go your way and i go mine...

i was reluctant to face the truth.

i'm saying this because of declining to accept the truth,

but, i hate to face the truth,

and the truth is about you...

thank you for showing your true colours,

i may have gone blind, or i may have turned into blind eye,

but, after the things ever happened in front of me,

whatever things that you've done in front of me,

enough to indicate that sincerity' is nowhere to be found in you towards me...

you will have me when you are miserable,

but rather loose me when you think you wanna disregards me,


i must admit that,

it is not worth to have you in my life,

you are not essential thus impose huge impacts in my life,

it is better to have no friends than loosing you...


you can go your way and i go mine...

p/s:.........................................i'm afraid of loosing people around me, but for you i'm not afraid of loosing you....

1 comment:

  1. post kau neh macam refer teammate PBL aku.
    sumpah dia mintak kena rejam dengan batu kerikil doe.