Friday, September 3, 2010

there's a time when i have to say what's on my mind!

raya is just around the corner, less than 5 days from now it'll be the day of celebration of triumphant over challenges that Allah S.W.T have prescribed to Muslims.

'puasa', despite of restraining ourselves from eating and drinking, abstinence be the main fundamental, ones should abstain himself from doing evil deeds and shameful act, forbidden by the Islamic teaching therefore its disciples are encouraged to enhance their 'practices' (ibadah) in this 'mubaraq month as they are promised with 'great rewards' (ganjaran pahala) for the world and the hereafter.

in relation to the title abovementioned, i would like to share everything that i came across during these past days of ramadhan.

it was tiring, as the classes in the faculty went on like usual basis. assignments were 'monstrous' as each and every courses required thorough preparation of the assignment so, reading, researching, fieldworks, interviews were conducted to meet this requirement. so, raya will be dry as thinking too much of completing the task assigned.

buka puasa was great!. with family and friends, it's the time you get together and eat!.

but then, i always treats buka puasa and being treated for buka puasa in an unusual manner.

for the first limb, towards the end of the fasting month, i do miss several buka puasa because i was sleeping tiredlessly and i was not awaken to bukak puasa. one of my junior told me that my puasa will 'batal' if i do not 'buka puasa'. indeed, i buka puasa after i woke up around 8 to 9 p.m with dates and plain water as i never made it to buy food.

sufficient for the purpose of instant 'buka puasa', the real 'makan' was after i clean-up and went to cafe to eat there.

besides, i didn't rely on anybody to wake me up for buka puasa, because i do believe that is the duty, borne by its disciples to ensure that others aware that it is the the break-fasting time. it seemed that this is something which fails to happen, as everyone is so busy to have their break-fasting one first. Sound 'self-centered' like? but this is true, when i was left alone, overslept without no one ever woke me up or ever have the effort to ask whether i have buka-puasa or not.

i never expect people to treat me in of a very good and special manner. it is sufficed to 'act' if seeing me 'there sleeping on the bed like dumb log' and an ordinary common man will come to realize that i was still sleeping and that i should be awaken!

besides of having this problems, it was also tiring and degenerated to mobile here and there for fieldworks and working out with assignments. everything must be done and submitted after the raya holidays. seeking for infos and materials for the tasks is vital, as failure to do so will effect the writing part.

lastly, i would like to wish everyone a happy raya, may you guys have the merriest hari raya celebration with families and friends. Forgive me for every wrongdoings done and deep down in my heart, i was never meant to behave in such a way.

for my dearest coursemates and friends in the faculty, enjoy yourself despite having the assignment done. besides buka puasa in the faculty was awesome as it remains for one of the unforgettable memory in the fasting man that i ever had. besides seeking for forgiveness, i would like to say that it was great to have u around in the faculty and experienced the day of the fasting in the faculty and classes.

for my dearest friends (besides the category of 'coursemates'), i'm blessed to have u around for willing to buka puasa and assist me through out this month.


p/s: to those who had helped me, tq so much!


  1. tak boleh belah nak type blog pon kena ada first limb ke faiz???hahaha!selamat hari saya faiz!! kau terbaek kot :)

  2. lama xborak dengan ko dowh
    selamat hari raya lah

    meh komen kejap pasal iklan raya tv3 yang baru nih

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