Monday, November 9, 2009

what another day that fills my life!-PAK CIK HASHIM

last thursday, when heading to the bus stop as clock struck 10:05 a.m after meeting Cik Kyra in the office, i was forgetting something that i should take along...gosh it is the book again...'law of torts' that i shoould bring together for exam's refernce.

without further due, i went back to my room to get the book. in about a couple of hours, i'll be sitting the 'media and communication law' as the book contains all the infos and cases regarding to some topics. it will be a loss of not flipping through the book.

then, when i'm about to arrive to my hostel, i saw in a distance-'Pak Cik Hashim', the maintenance people from 'Kausar'. he saw me and i waved my hand up, to acknowledeg him. he return my acknowledgement by waving to me back. i entered my room and took the book and walk towards the bus stop back.

when i climb down the staircase outside my hostel, i saw a 'jeep' approaching me, two middle age-men were inside the 'jeep' and then stopped!. it was 'Pak Cik Hashim' again who drives the jeep and next sitting to him is his indonesian co-worker. he asked me:

Pak Cik Hashim: 'Nak Pergi mana?
Budak Comot: 'nak pegi library la pak cik'
Pak Cik Hashim: 'kat mana tu'
Budak Comot: 'dekat Pusanika'
Pak Cik Hashim: 'mari la naik, pak cik hantar kan'.

without no more hesitation, just jump into the jeep with a reckon...'nasib baik ade pak cik hashim, aku ni da lambat nak pegi sana'.

the brief conversation outside the jeep just now continued in the jeep while on our way to Pusanika.

Pak Cik Hashim: 'nak pergi library buat apa?'
Budak Comot: 'nak studi pak cik, ade exam dalam pukul 3 karang'
Pak Cik Hashim: 'kenapa muka kau nampak sedih je'

ooopppsss...another self-portrayal...i may look innocent and sadden and sorrowness but that didn't mean that i am of that such emotion, triggering me. with an utmost reply:

Budak Comot: 'takde la pak cik, cuma risau, kejap lagi exam, takut tak boleh buat'

FINALLY-the truth jumped out from my mouth!...Damn!

Pak cik Hashim: 'kau tak perlu risau, kau pak cik tengok ada azam, nak belajar, kuatkan semangat, nanti dipermudahkan...selagi kau ada azam untuk berjaya, selagi itu kau akan berjaya...kau dulu SPM berapa A?
Budak Comot: '10 A Pak cik'
Pak Cik Hashim: 'hmmmm...kau ambil jurusan apa?'
Budak Comot: 'Undang-Undang'
Pak cik Hashim: 'ooo..bagus la ko...'

as we arrived to Pusanika, he dropped me off and managed to wish me...'jawab periksa baik2'.

i took those words from him. although he is not like Tun Dr. M or Barack Obama, but he is just an ordinary people who wished that people around him become better....

the day itself ended up not to darn gloom and not to be the brightest sunshines.
i finished with the exams with a relief...with the saying...'i manage to climb another's the climb again!'

to pak cik Hashim: tq for being a supportive-people at the right time when i need support.

p/s: sharing is caring, just trying to be an english writer, in preparation to go some place...huhu...hoping the 'sharing' of this story will be read and inpired by others


  1. tiba2 aku rasa kecil..
    gila mantap faiz dulu spm 10A!!!
    btw, sometimes what we need is just a smile from people we don't even know to cheer us up..