Friday, November 27, 2009

finally i can bake 'Chocolate Moist Cake'

nak tahu....
budak comot da pandai buat kek chocolate..yang moist punya..
sebenarnya buat tu tak susah sangat...tak boleh kata 'senang'..
kalau senang....people will expect that it is so easy, though it requires great patience!
haha..kek tu ala2 main dish for this hari raya aidiladha celebration in our house....
besides, i just finished reading 'For One More Day-Mitch Albom'.
Compare to the other two from the same author-'Tuesdays With Morrie' and 'Five People You Meet in Heaven', the ending is rather 'a happy ending' as i learn that 'it is never too late to make change, always think wisely and never regretted of mistakes you've done throughout your life'.
p/s: next-'Becoming a Man by Paul Monette'- a memoir of gay-writer's life and 'In Good Faith'- the thoughts and writings by Zaid Ibrahim, local-prominent lawyer.