Tuesday, November 24, 2009

recalling the past...looking to the memories

5 beta siber 1-2006
i'm the one who made that mural '5 beta siber 1'
amik anugerah cemerlang

klaka-when i was in form 4 with Comel!
the school where we made the memories!

a friend from former high school tagged pictures of my classmates and i when i was in form 5
couldn't believe seeing mine and compare it with my 'present' one
yup...everyone including me is different...they are all mature with their own sense of style...no more 'high school looks', 'girls/boys next door looks', 'prefects/librarians/students looks'...everyone has their own goals to achieve, everyone is apart(especially syaza) but the pics tagged brought us closer
laughs, comments, of the pictures...portraying that we are still together
because you and me once had together made the memories that is so precious as it will remain until the end of times....

nabil, syawal, em, mu, salwan, huda, azeera, tirah, fahnim, syafiqah r, asyikin, sabrina k, nadhirah, kama, bash, iqa ayub, syaza, asilah, adilah, puteri, ana, ct., syafiq, nadia...our memories will remain.

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