Saturday, December 19, 2009

why do all good things come to an end?

i flipped through all my photos, taken since i was like 4-5 something until picture taken last few weeks.
feelings varied as every photos were of different story as they told my 'revolution'. it is a series of journey of my life in my 'growing up years'. happy, funny, sad, tears, joy, shocked, disturbed, hatred, disbelief, were all taken place in every picture with the story behind them.
after flipping and seeing through all the photos, i came to the realization with a question of-'why do all good things came to an end?'.
yup, everyone has their own happy memories happened in their growing up years. it would be absurd to admit that they did't have one. the memories will always remain in mind though some are kept or preserved in photos taken.
when every starts of something whether good or bad, surely i will beg that it will last forever and it will remain. as for me-good or bad, it is still be a good one in the end. however, it seems to be uneverlasting that it soon come to an end. it's like a hot cup of tea and soon it turns cold in the end and we refuse to drink it after all.
at first i can't seem to i grew up, then it changed into thought that the things shouldn't remain. this is because of a lot of reasons that if it is remained and lasting, we won't be able to make another memories...if it goes the same, we won't learn something...if it ends, we won't cherish it like i did right now when seeing all the photos.
so, the 'good things' do come to an end but, an after that it will remain in your heart, your mind and some were captured into photos...kept with you as long as you could see it until your eyes shut.
every story behinds fotos or flashes of memories in my mind tell me that i should go on with my life as you can't undo things. after you learn from the 'past', use it as the 'past' is the best teacher that happened to make you believe in yourself.
lastly-why do all good things come to an end? it must end but it still remain in the form that you will carry it with you wherever you go or you can see it as it can be captured!
p/s:...listening to 'Cherish' by the 'Kool and the Gang"!


  1. it must to be end.... its good conclusion.. but,here i wish, tomorow we can still get a good things again and again.. for faiz: smile always...mood jgn kacau bilau okay...
    gud luck in your study n future.

  2. tq for the comment...i might know you.