Saturday, December 26, 2009

this year-fashion forward-backward-upward-downward!

dear readers,

the moment i write this, i am thinking of what will be my 4th semester in FUU is going to be like.

then mind started to think about-'Fashion'-then i tend to write something about fashion and style for this year.

the post's title itself oulining the thought, inspiration, and aspiration for this year style.

first-Fashion forward

fashion is something that moved forward and developed and it doesn't remain static. it expresses people's self in a sensible way. so for this year, mine would be more stylish than before. not going to be 'overexaggerating', this year will be witnessing outfit that 'sharp' and 'unexpectable'.

axcessories should be 'in' with the style. handbags still complement the look.

second-Fashion backward

it might sound a bit odd. but i'm suggesting that though 'fashion forward', but still it should be 'reviewed'. looking the old style, which is not suits you. then a call for a change must be made as being fashionable is fashion which hide your imperfection. if there is skirt, shirt, pant that does not suit you, do something about it or don't wear it. as for me, shirts are to 'small' or to 'large' are always a problem to my appearance-the size should be just nice. un-ironed shirts is a mess!.

third-Fashion upward

always think of something that beyond the others might think when it comes to be in style. that is, wearing something that others don't dare to wear or create a distinctive look. be confident in what you wear and doesn't afraid of being criticise. Maybe a change for the style- a new haircut, new excessories, and the most important is what do you think or inspire from your sorroundings that transpire you in your style.

last-Fashion downward

fashion might cost you a fortune!. the price worth paying, you can get another that can be paid less. i'm not suggesting that you should by the 'paste'-'fake'-'pirate'-'unoriginal'-'copycat', of Prada, Gucci, Armani, Versace, D&G, usually bags that you bought in the market but try to have something that looks eexpensive or look alike but it is not the 'duplicate' of the 'original' one. if you can afford it you can buy those which is exclusively displayed in stores but fashion shouldn't be too be too expensive till it is called fashion. as for me wear something that make you really stylish is more that enough instead of buying expensive brands(though it put you 'on track'). but it must not make you look 'cheap', 'ugly' and 'unpleasant.

that's it...the four motion of fashion i realise that should be shared with you guys. Looking forward to see my friends with their own new style.

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