Tuesday, March 31, 2009

when "budak comot "speaks..

i always think of others...

i always refrain myself not to hurt people's feelings...or i'll try to. because i do think that hurting people's feelings is something grave and unforgiven. i always think what will the other think and this occurs everyday in my live. to the extent when someone ask me to "stop think of others, it will harm you".

this is due to what i have been ever since i reach the age of maturity. i always make up decision that pleases everyone. i always compromise with everyone and everything. i always let others 'pass through' though i should be the one and the 'path' is given to me first to pass. i always put my trust to someone, thinking that he/she'll be the 'keeper'. i always ten to turn into blind eye for what they had done to me. this is because i think of others...

however, do they really think of me?...do they really care for me?...my feelings?...or do they ever think that their act and words might hurt me a lot?....

well pleased to tell you readers...these things always happen to me. being nice to other people would not guarantee that you will be treated nicely. i respect others but they don't respect me.FINE!. I say something that hurt and seek forforgiveness but he/she did the same thing too but never ask for my forgiveness. FINE!. i am sarcastic but there are more sarcastic than me.FINE!. i say what i felt and what wanted to say but they accused me of condemning them.FINE!. i always support others but i don't get any of their support.FINE! as if they are the only one that i have to take care of their feelings...believe it or not...many of my friends suffered these things too...guys.."be patience".

so, why do i have to think of others...a question requires an answer..."do they think of you". once i thought of to stop thinking of others...it is such a waste of time...you are not gaining or earning anything. however when knowing that there are lot of people who cared for me...i say "yeah...it is worth to not to hurt them, as they think of you and others!"

to my friends, tq for understanding me....

however, for those who really have a crap on me...i am pleased to remind you..."mind your own bussiness"...if not.."dont mess up with me or you'll end up in a big mess".

p/s: this is what my feeling is suffering from...what a relieve!...to write this...and this one is also representing those who suffer this kind of problem too...: )

semoga emak cepat sembuh...boleh gi shopping sama-sama...lagipun 'budak comot' rindu dengan 'asam pedas ikan tenggiri ngan sambal tempe' mak....

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  1. faiz.

    kita boleh berlebih kurang tapi jangan sampai biarkan kepala kita di pijak.

    Kehidupan dunia memang jarang berlaku adil. Tapi itulah rencah dan rempah kehidupan yang akan mewarnai sepanjang perjalanan hidup kita.