Saturday, December 10, 2011

we belong to our creator.

i wish you could have stayed a little longer. hold on to whatever circumstances might happen.

as I promised that i'll always be by your side to support you, to get through the rough time.

but then you whispered something which make my heart fall-broken into pieces

"sorry, i couldn't cope anymore, i want to say goodbye but it's hard to'

then it was a fine morning. though it was, it doesn't make sense at all as it is the last morning that you'll spend with us.

you don't say anything at all because you were afraid that i couldn't accept it.

yes!, i understand, that was the time you must go, that you are going to left us forever.

so i said, "i'm okay".

as you bathed me when i was raised in this world, it's the time i bathed you for the last time.

as you taught me to perform prayer, i perform a last prayer for you.

"you're the most greatest thing ever presence in my life and i could have never accept anything that can replace u"

"i don't want to find someone else like you. you're irreplaceable"

p/s: Mawar Putih Untuk Mama-Sharifah Aini.