Sunday, August 7, 2011

the 8th day Ramadhan : Monday Blues

today is the 8th day of ramadhan (August 8, 2011) as i am having monday blues.

it's been such quite some time i haven't posted any new post (asyik tulis ayat macam ni je!) but then i was called but, by no one! to update by posting this.

i don't know what to write but then i'm so thrill about the so-called 'attachment' that i've been through now and about to end soon.

i was accepted to have my practical-training as it is called 'Latihan Industri' in a, quite a well-established lawyer's firm in KL, in AU 3 to be precised. at first, i'll be held under 'Conveyancing', which is i am a bit reluctant to. but then it turned out, i was placed under 'Litigation' and being treated like lawyer wannabe, trained to be in a tough field by a tough-bossy boss and with the guidance from my awesome-ever patience-soft spoken-smart: supervisor!

at first, i was questioned about the ability to converse and to write in English. i say 'i don have problem with that', so the boss rolled her eyes, besides i mentioned that i haven't be taught about the procedures, as it will be in the 4th year, again she said 'okay!' and pass me a bundle of documents as i was asked to examine SPA and to study the whole file on breach of contract. at that point of time, i say 'hurrmmm... she don't believe me that i can do any office chores!'.

as time goes by..., i prove myself that Faculty of Law, UKM does not produce mediocre-legal verse-incompetent with low level of english fluency as she's quite impressed with any works assigned as with the continuous support, taught, and awesome guidance from my very learned supervisor. so, i get to extend the period from 6 weeks to almost 3 months (until raya) as i receive salary for each months and i have the opportunity to be exposed a lot about legal world and what it takes to open and to manage 'your own firm'.

i wish to thank my supervisor, this one person-chambie in the firm, and all the staff who had helped me a lot and my boss who give me the opportunity to have my internship in your firm (and off course the salary!). i do learn a lot and acquire great experience as i shall never had in any other place.

thank you!.

Happy Ramadhan People!

p/s: sory..kalau ada salah grammar n sentence structure..abaikan la.. quite weak when it comes to english...

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