Wednesday, December 22, 2010


attachment adalah merujuk kepada latihan sangkutan, satu kursus yang merupakan requirement oleh FUU dan UKM kepada pelajar Semester 2 tahun 3.

i've called several firms, every firms that i'd called reply my questions with kind and modest manner saying that they accept students doing attachment, and also chambering. when asked what is your firm usually handled?? they said, most of them do conveyancing, litigation, bankruptcy and insolvency, family matters either syariah or civil, banking, documentation and so little on criminal..if there was, it was not-so-heavy as they said like theft and no 'drugs'.

since many firms had confirmed taking students for attachment and eager on accepting me, i am in a crossroads of having to choose which will it be.

since i did'nt 'walk in', just interviewed(is not so that interview la, they just asked me for how long, where are u from..etc), i am very unsure of which one.

since most of the firms are near to my place and made me believe why they are so much into conveyancing, etc, as the area is filled with housing development, not-so-big projects, shophouses, in short, the area is mushrooming to be a town by having it like 7-e...a town which has everything, from houses-bungalows-schools-shopping complex and so forth.

back to the issue of choosing the firms.

i don't go for which firm is big, a lot of contacts and clients coming in, prominently owned by prominent lawyers, what the firm is going to offer and benefits that a student would gain having attached there. i go for who is eager to accept me as attachee in his firm besides the answers received saying that 'we do accept students doing attachment here, just send me your official letter' like and go with by reconfirming with the firm as i'd called the firm, the lawyer in charge said with his humble voice.. 'this is the first time we receive this kind of call asking for doing an attachment as we had yet to receive any such student, however we do accept chambering but it is also rare for those intended to the chambering approach us...i'm gonna consider you and confirm with me tomorrow...'

asked about payment, i replied by saying 'well some firms do give allowance but that is not my major concern... my purpose is not for allowance, but the learning experince that i would garner as much as i can that the firm will offer, it's okay as i'm not doing it for being paid...'

with his humble voice in a aplomb manner, 'okay, i'm considering you and i'm gonna confirm with you tomorrow, however if i do not call u late in the afternoon, do give me a call'

worthiness to call him back as the answer is yes and he actually forgets to return my call to confirm.

i don't care about maybe another firm that had confirmed with me are better off as compared to this firm with regards to practices of law, i accept this firm as the lawyer in charge who answered over the firm enough to indicate what sort of person he is when it comes to being 'a people's lawyer' like what i'm ambitioned to be.

i'm so nervous for the attachment as i'm afraid that i'm gonna be put to 'test' in which the firm left you with lots of works or testing your knowledge. but then, if i don't take it as a challenge, how would i go about to be someone successful someday!

p/s: ngantuk lah!...btw still menuggu 'H' untuk pergi shopping bersama...!

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  1. aku jealous jap. hahaha
    lama lagi ke doe aku nak jadi cam kau!

    anyway, have fun!