Tuesday, October 27, 2009


today i sit the very first paper-Criminal, it's tough and as usual...tak cukup masa nak complete the answer for the second question.
the question is rather tricky, i spent the time to determine what would be my answer to that required question. Hmmmm...i'm not satisfied as the time runs out...i quickly sum up my answer though i scream to myself..begging them (invigilators)..."bagila aku sikit lagi masa!". at that time i manage to write on two provisions in which the element of 'good faith' existed though i would like to expand my essay to 2-3 more provisions of the same element....aaarrgh....
got 6 more papers to go, tort, islamic family law, media and communication law, family law, pengurusan persatuan, and bahasa arab
for this coming semester break...i planned to read a classical novel 'gone with the wind' by margaret mitchell...owh, can't wait to buy it and spend the whole day reading it..
next semester, my must-have thing would be 'perfume'. i have one on what perfume to buy in my mind, but still considering on other perfumes also.
besides i am now into retro songs...from olivia newton john to andy gibb, from aman shah to sharifah aini, from the carpenters to abba and so on...once Faizal call me "a grown up-trapped in my teenage body!"...i say..'huhu, okay'...but i don't know...yeah...it's a bit strange when teen like me listening to 'superstar' by the carpenters...
that's all for today, remember:
'an apple a day, keeps the doctor away'.
*ungkapan ini adalah first ungkapan yang aku belajar, masa mula-mula aku masuk darjah satu, sampai sekarang aku tahu apa maksudya and it plays an integral part in my lives!

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